AmpMonster Tube Amplifier Repair

Homebrew Amplifier Policy:

Q: What is a "homebrew" amplifier/tube effects unit?

A: An amplifier/tube effects unit (tremolo, reverb, etc.) designed, created and built by a hobbyist. Sometimes they are "installed" into an existing amp chassis, sometimes they are built with a custom chassis. Many times they have no schematics or build information.

Q: What is your policy for working on homebrew amplifiers?

A: The clock starts when I get the chassis out and on the bench. The clock stops when either I repair/complete the work or when I get fed up enough to stop messing with it. Unlike the standard fee normally associated with estimates, homebrews are different because they generally take longer to get sorted out. And yes, it can get expensive. ALL LABOR FEES WILL APPLY WHETHER I REPAIR THE UNIT OR NOT. Because I can't guarantee someone else's work or design, if other problems arise once the unit leaves the shop, there will be no refunds.

Q: Why was this policy put into place?

A: Many times I have to CORRECT many mistakes, build errors, grounding problems, poor solder connections etc. before getting to the actual problem and fixing it. Getting bogged down in one of these takes time away from other units I can be repairing and I usually have to work on these after hours.

Q: Does this policy include "clone" amplifiers?

A: No. Generally "clone" (Metro-Amp, Mojotone, Weber etc.) amplifiers are straightforward copies of classic designs for which information is readily available.

Q: Can you give advice on the unit before starting work?

A: Of Course. I will usually give the unit a quick once-over while the customer waits. If the unit is sloppily built or has serious potential, time-consuming issues, I will advise the customer of that before starting work. They can make the final decision on whether or not to have me repair it.

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