AmpMonster Tube Amplifier Repair

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Depends on the job, parts and labor involved. Sometimes I can help make a diagnosis on the phone, but with most cases, it really would be better to have me look at it in person. I won't perform any work until YOU say it's OK.

Q: What is your turn-around time?

A: Again, this depends on the job, and how fast you need it back. In MOST routine service cases, 2 - 3 days.

Q: Do you sell parts?

A: Yes. If I have what you need on hand, great. If not, I can get it. I try to keep in stock most electronic parts for vintage Fender and Marshall amplifiers. Other oddball or less common amplifiers might require a special order. Special orders normally don't take longer than a week.

Q: Do you sell speakers?

A: Yes. I am a dealer for Weber, Eminence, Celsetion and Jensen. Speakers are usually a custom order.

Q: I know you used to work on vintage radios. Do you still restore and repair them?

A: Depends on my amplifier workload. If the radio isn't needed right away, then I can take it in and work on it as time permits. Keep in mind that there is a LOT of preparatory research I need to do before starting work on one of those. There are also a LOT of parts that need to be replaced in these just to make them functional. I don't do the cabinets anymore, but I can steer you in the right direction to get them done.

Q: Do you work on "homebrew" amplifiers?

A: Yes, but please read my policy regarding those particular units. Click HERE for more information.

Q: Do you buy amplifiers?

A: It depends. If I do, it's only vintage and ONLY tube. I do purchase them in non-operable condition as well. Contact me to discuss.

Q: Do you buy tubes?

A: Yes. I am also interested in tube amp parts, related electrical parts and vintage amp cabinets as well.

Q: Do you offer military discounts?

A: Yes. Active Duty military and family members receive 10% off the final bill.

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